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Campaign sign not located on city property
A large campaign sign for Jack Kingston is mounted next to the Gainesville welcome sign in front of the Public Safety building along Queen City Parkway.

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The area in front of the public safety facility on Queen City Parkway already has one campaign sign. Is that not city property? Are campaign signs allowed there?

According to city code enforcement manager Gary Kansky, the sign is not on city property.

“Even though it says city of Gainesville, that sign is on private property,” He said. “It is out of the right of way and it meets the requirements for the dimensions of a political sign.”

The sign is next to signs for the Rotary Club and the city on property that is part of the nearby shopping center.

According to Kansky, political signs can create a headache for city code enforcement during election seasons. If a sign is in violation of code, the city will usually try to get in contact with the owners before removing it unless it is in the line of sight at an intersection, called the “sight triangle.” Signs in the triangle are considered a danger to public safety and are removed immediately.

“During the political season, it is just going to be crazy because they are going to have signs all over,” Kansky said. “We just try to let them know that they can’t put them in the right of way.

“But if they are in the sight triangle, no matter where it is in the city, they are going to get pulled automatically.”

If a sign is removed, code enforcement will keep the sign and let the owners come and pick it up. However, Georgia Department of Transportation sometimes will remove signs from some main throughways in the city. When that happens, the signs are usually thrown away, Kansky said.

If you have a question about sign requirements or have a complaint, you can call code enforcement at 770-531-6570. All complaints are investigated, but signs are only addressed if there is a violation, Kansky said.

What happened to the huge tree that protruded from the water at Bells Mill Bridge on Cleveland Highway? It was a popular fishing spot and landmark for my grandchildren. Is it just under the surface or completely gone?

According to Melissa Cummings, communications specialist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the tree was not removed by DNR. Likewise, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did not remove the tree, said operations project manager Tim Rainey.

Although workers at both organizations remembered the tree, no one knew what had become of it. At this point, it is unclear if it is gone or simply submerged.

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