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Ask The Times: Truckers may or may not be at fault for flying rocks
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If you’ve wondered about something in your community, Ask The Times is your place to get answers. The following questions were submitted by readers and answered through the efforts of our news staff.

If your car gets dinged up by rocks flying off a truck, who’s at fault?

That can be debated, but Shane Lazenby, founding member of Lazenby Law Group, said a truck driver not having the rocks secured would usually be the deciding factor.

“Generally speaking, the truck bears responsibility,” Lazenby said.

Lazenby said that while signs on some trucks warning fellow drivers to stay back because of the possibility of rocks flying out might face a little less responsibility if someone follows them closely, the truck driver would still carry most of the responsibility.

Are there any plans to pave Lakeview Drive? The section between U.S. 129 and the bridge is horrendous!

“Lakeview Drive is not among the roads to be paved next year,” Gainesville Public Works Director David Dockery said. “But, the section mentioned does rate low, so it should be considered in the near future.”

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