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Answers for bar codes on tags, U-turns, missing deli
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The new Georgia vehicle licence plates have a small bar code in the lower left corner. I’d like to know why they are there and what all they may be used for.

The vendor, 3M, states that the bar code is on all flat tags and it can be used by the police to identify counterfeit or altered tags, according to the Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division.

I have noticed more and more people making U-turns from the left turn lane at traffic lights when they have a red light. Is this legal? It seems to me it would not be seeing as they have neither a green light nor green turn arrow.

According to state law, traffic is allowed to turn right on red after stopping and after yielding to any pedestrian traffic, unless there is a sign prohibiting right on red.

Traffic is allowed to turn left on red in the case of one-way streets when the vehicle is in the left-hand lane and turning onto another one-way street.

These are the only listed exceptions listed in the Official Code of Georgia, so no, making a U-turn on red is not allowed.

Cpl. Kevin Holbrook, spokesman for Gainesville Police, said the charge is the same as if you ran a red light: failure to obey traffic control device.

What has happened to the Turnstile Deli? It looks like it has closed but it always seemed so busy.

The eatery has closed, but one of the owners of the building, Walton Jackson Jr., said he is in talks with three or four people about leasing out the space. Several of those interested are restaurants, he said.

Messages left on a listed home phone number for Turnstile owner John Haynes were not returned.

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