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Local residents star in latest campaign ad
Deal releases post-primary commercial
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Frances Brown appeared on television Friday, her fame courtesy of a local gubernatorial candidate.

Of the two finalists for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s governor’s race, former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal was the first to reach voters in a post-primary television advertisement Friday.

After weeks of insult trading between him and Georgia’s former Secretary of State Karen Handel, Deal takes a softer approach in the newest 30-second advertisement.

Deal is featured with his two grandsons as he explains to them why he wants to be Georgia’s next governor.

In the final seconds of the advertisement, Brown, a retired music teacher at Gainesville State College and former teacher at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, sits at a table with Deal, whom she says she met at church; both have been deacons at First Baptist Church in Gainesville.

Knowing Deal gave Brown the opportunity to be made up by a Hollywood professional as well as be a part of his campaign.

“We asked the lady who fixed our makeup if she had — she’s from Hollywood — and we asked her if she had done anybody famous and she said, well, she had done Harrison Ford,” Brown said. “And I said, ‘Well, that will do.’”

On Friday, Brown searched for herself during commercial breaks of the 12 o’clock news. If she missed it, there were plenty of people who had promised to send her a copy.

“I was so pleased to help Nathan, hopefully help him,” Brown said.

George and Lois Hope also were featured sitting at a table with Brown and Deal on the porch of Deal’s son’s home.

George Hope is a retired employee of the Department of Public Safety who once was at the head of the firefighters’ standards and training council and a captain on the Gainesville Fire Department.

He and his wife also have been featured in posters for the Deal campaign.

You can’t hear the conversation, but George Hope said Deal was discussing his plan for growing Georgia’s jobs.

“Ironically, my wife blocked me out (from the view of the camera)... but I didn’t mind at all,” Hope said.

And while it may not land everyone a spot on television, Hope said he encourages others to take a more active role in politics.

“I felt like the majority of the citizens have not been in politics like we need to, and I think that’s one of the problems we have gotten into,” Hope said. “We have not been conscious of who we voted for and what we wanted out of them, and I think that’s why we all need to rally and look at the credentials of the candidates and pick one and vote.”