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Local legislators make crossover day deadline
Bills now move to the other side of the General Assembly
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This is it. We're 30 days into the 40-day 2010 Georgia legislative session. And it's Crossover Day.

Friday was the last day for a bill to move from the House to the Senate, or vice-versa, before it's killed. By the rules of the Georgia Assembly, a bill has to make it by the end of Crossover Day or else start again next year.

Here's a list of local legislators' bills that made the cut.

Rep. James Mills, R-Chestnut Mountain

House Bill 926: Helps individuals and corporations renew large loans with Georgia-chartered banks. It permits banks to renew performing loans, in which all payments have been made on time, even if the economy has dragged down the values of the property.

House Bill 1139: Requires local governments to notify property owners of their annual property tax assessments even when there is no change.

House Bill 1258: Provides for certain powers of the State Financing and Investment Commission dealing with bond issuances from local governments in order to meet the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Rep. Carl Rogers, R-Gainesville

House Bill 303: Allows county solicitor generals and assistant solicitor generals to access records related to child abuse reports for official purposes. Currently, only district attorneys are privy to the information.

House Bill 1194: Allows county directors of the Department of Family and Children Services to outsource administrative needs, as needed.

House Bill 1255: Calls for a referendum for Gainesville voters to decide whether to roll back an age exemption for city school system taxes from 72 to 70. It has already been passed by the House and the Senate.

House Bill 1364: Allows employers whose workers' compensation insurance providers have been declared insolvent to buy into the state's insurance insolvency pool by October. The bill was written after Atlanta-based Southeastern U.S. Insurance Inc. was declared insolvent Oct. 27, leaving employers holding the bill on their employees' previous on-the-job injuries.

House Bill 1407: Requires the Department of Community Health to competitively bid out and contract with a single administrator for dental services provided to recipients of Medicaid and Peach Care for Kids.

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville

House Bill 896: Allows court cases to be granted continuances if a witness has been activated to military duty.

House Bill 898: Removes the requirement for court clerks to publish someone's complete address following a subsequent conviction for driving under the influence. The bill requires only the city, county and ZIP code of the convicted person's residential address be published.

House Bill 1353: Creates the White County Building Authority.

House Bill 1431: Would bring administrative services such as accounting, personnel and property management into a single new state agency called the Georgia Services Administration. Those three services are currently handled by individual departments.

Rep. Tommy Benton, R-Jefferson

House Bill 128: Requires blind people and disabled veterans to obtain a certificate of eligibility to receive an exemption from occupation or income taxes.

House Bill 219: Requires that a bitter-tasting chemical, denatonium benzoate, be added to antifreeze sold in the state beginning in 2011.

House Bill 925: Requires that local school systems mail notification to parents when their child has an unexcused absence.

House Bill 959: Staggers the terms of members on the Arcade City Council so that three council members are re-elected one year and two are elected the next.

House Bill 961: Establishes a new charter for the city of Maysville.

House Bill 1050: Adds regulations for the establishment and maintenance of a real estate appraisal management company.

House Bill 1298: Updates previous regulations on hazardous waste, bringing them into compliance with federal regulations.

Sen. Lee Hawkins, R-Gainesville

Senate Bill 310: Provides for regulation and licensing of pharmacy benefits managers by the state Commissioner of Insurance, prohibits pharmacy benefits managers to engage in the practice of medicine and makes certain audit requirements applicable to pharmacy benefits managers.

Senate Bill 344: Adds physician assistants to the type of medical professionals protected in the Health Share Volunteers in Medicine Act.

Senate Bill 432: Creates procedures for reviewing applications for the modification or collocation of wireless communication facilities.

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