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Woman calls boyfriend's arrest 'blown out of proportion' after Hall deputies say man threw exercise gear at them
0929 ASSAULT.jpg
David Umphreyville Sr.

A Flowery Branch man is accused of trying to throw exercise equipment on top of deputies attempting to detain him after a domestic dispute, according to authorities.

The woman who called authorities, Margie Jorgensen, said the whole case has been mishandled and “completely blown out of proportion.”

Jorgensen and David Umphreyville Sr., 52, have been in a relationship for about a year and have lived together for seven months on Samoa Way.

Jorgensen said Umphreyville had been drinking Wednesday, Sept. 26, and seemed to be agitated when the couple had a disagreement. She said she intended to leave and let the situation dissipate.

Umphreyville got upset and locked her outside, Jorgensen said. She needed her things for work and called for help to mediate the situation.

A Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the scene and tried to talk to Umphreyville. When she communicated with authorities, Jorgensen said he was nonviolent and did not own a weapon.

More officers were then called to the scene.

“At this point, one of the officers actually drew a gun when David was talking to him out on the patio, and that agitated him even worse,” Jorgensen said. “He was yelling and screaming and being kind of a belligerent drunk, but I kept telling them, ‘He’s no threat.’”

Ware did not respond to a question regarding the drawn gun sent after hours Friday.

Ware said Umphreyville “repeatedly threatened to do physical harm to several deputies during the incident as they were attempting to speak with him.”

According to the warrants, the threats were to “hurt or kill” the responding deputies “by shooting them and punching them to death.” The warrants also alleged Umphreyville refused multiple orders by the authorities to come out of the residence.

Jorgensen said she did not hear any of the threats alleged in the warrants.

“From what David has told me, he was going to throw over the top railing this rowing machine to kind of block the door. And once they made entry, he dropped it. He wasn’t going to throw it at them. He dropped it,” she said.

According to the warrants, the officers claimed Umphreyville allegedly tried to throw an exercise bike over the stairwell “all while after making threats to hurt or kill officers involved.”

No officers were hurt.

Umphreyville was charged with four counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer as well as terroristic threats and obstruction of an officer.

Umphreyville was booked Thursday in to the Hall County Jail, where he remains.

There is a $14,750 bond for the misdemeanor obstruction charges, but no bond on the felony charges.

Jorgensen said she regrets calling for help.

“When I saw the charges they leveled against him, I was flabbergasted. I was shocked. I did not understand where in the world those came from or why they were leveling charges that could put this man away for life for being drunk and stupid,” she said.

Defense attorney Arturo Corso declined to comment on the case other than to say he and his client “expect to win this case.”