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Why residents in Lula will have to wait for more downtown parking
Lula City Hall sign

Residents in Lula will have to wait for more downtown parking. 

Plans for additional parking in downtown Lula have stalled after the city’s plan to buy land near the train depot broke down this past week. 

Lula City Council had approved the purchase of a roughly 0.5-acre lot at 5960 Athens St. and Ga Hwy 51, on Oct. 4, but City Manager Dennis Bergin said the deal broke down during the due diligence phase. 

“The property was not conducive to what the city wanted to do,” Bergin said.

The city pulled its contract with Amerigas Propane L.P. who had agreed to sell the land for a reduced price of $46,000. The original asking price for the land was $116,000, Bergin said, but issues with its legal description caused the price to come down. 

“We believe the city will continue to evaluate parking development opportunities in the immediate downtown area,” Bergin said. 

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