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When Hall residents can expect to see property tax assessments
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The Hall County tax commissioner's office is located at 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville. - photo by Hall County government

Hall County property owners can expect to see 2021 tax assessments in their mailboxes around May 7, according to Steve Watson, the director of the county’s board of assessors.

The estimate of taxes on the notice is based on the current year's assessed value and the previous year's tax rate. The taxable property includes land and any improvements, such as buildings on the land. 

Residents have 45 days, or until June 21, to appeal their assessment.

Watson said there should be no significant increases for certain types of property.

“As a part of our strategic plan, we desire to try and keep up with the market yearly rather than waiting 2-3 years before reassessing a particular property type,” Watson said.  “While property is reassessed more frequently this process helps to minimize those large increases.”

Residents who don’t receive a notice within roughly 5 to 10 days after May 7 should call the county offices at 770-531-6720 to get a physical notice re-sent to their address.

“Each year we have a certain amount of returned mail for various reasons,” Watson said. “We do our due diligence to find the correct address and re-mail.”

But even if residents don’t receive a physical notice, they will be able to access their assessments on various online databases including the qPublic platform on the county’s website.

“Simply go to the Hall County qPublic site, find the record and then scroll down to the bottom left side of the page,” Watson explained.  “There you will find the assessment notice for the current year.”