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K-9 unit, new well approved in Flowery Branch
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Flowery Branch City Hall at 5410 W. Pine St. is the South Hall city's government center, including the police department. - photo by Scott Rogers

A K-9 program is back on track in Flowery Branch, and the city is enhancing its water supply.

K-9 unit being restored

The city voted to spend $20,000 to restart its K-9 program, which initially began in 2008 but fell dormant four years later because of not having a handler.

By spending $20,000 for the program, the city hopes to partner with various K-9 organizations and foundations, “which will in turn likely fund the future operational cost of this program,” a city document states.

“Police K-9s can contribute to numerous operations, from drug enforcement to search and rescue to apprehending fleeing subjects,” according to the city.

“I believe in a year’s time you’ll see the difference that this program will (make),” Chief Chris Hulsey told the council.

City moves to beef up well water supply

The city hopes to shore up its water supply after voting to spend $445,000 for property, wells and water rights at 4755 Atlanta Highway.

Three city wells now produce up to 191,000 gallons per day, but the city believes it needs up to 500,000 gallons per day “to serve its expected water utility customers,” according to a city document.

The new wells “will accomplish that future need,” the city says. “By using four to five of these wells regularly, a maximum of 500,000 gallons per day could easily be available for the citizens to use without compromising the source or having to buy additional water from another entity.”

The city is permitted to draw 750,000 gallons per day from the aquifer, according to the city.