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Hall Elections officials offer clarity on ballot misprints
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Voters are being mailed applications to vote absentee in the May 19, 2020, primary. - photo by Shannon Casas

Though there are some errors on ballots, Hall County elections officials said they won’t have an effect on tabulation.

The statewide generaal primary was originally scheduled May 19 but has been postponed to June 9.

The state has sent absentee ballot applications to all active, registered voters. 

Hall County Elections Director Lori Wurtz said the May 19 date was intentionally left on the absentee ballot and “in no way compromises their ability to vote or the ability for their vote to be counted.”

Others voting in Hall County and the 9th Congressional District have received ballots with labels for the 1st Congressional District. Wurtz said the heading error will not affect counting these ballots.

Other absentee ballots for voters in Gainesville and Buford incorrectly list the races for the Hall County Board of Education’s posts. These voters are ineligible to vote on these races, and any votes on the board of education races from these voters will not count.

"We made a mistake, and we are working to correct it as quickly as possible so that no further ballots are affected," Wurtz said in a news release.

Hall County officials said roughly 1,200 voters are potentially affected by this.

Wurtz said about 60,000 of the 125,650 active, registered voters have requested an absentee ballot.

"We have a long-standing process in place to ensure that these types of things do not slip through the cracks when it comes to tallying votes," Wurtz said in a news release. "A duplicate of these ballots will be generated that omits the races that are not applicable to these voters. While only the duplicate ballot will be counted, the original ballot will still be kept on file as a record. This process will be overseen by a vote review panel."

Any voter wanting a new ballot with the corrected information can contact the elections office at 770-531-6945 or

A ballot drop box will be installed the week of May 4 outside the Hall County Government Center at 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville.

Wurtz said voters who wish to have a new ballot with the corrected congressional heading and/or board of education races removed (for Gainesville and Buford voters only), they can contact the Hall County Elections Office


Absentee ballot applications must be received by June 5 and ballots must be received by the elections office by the time the polls close June 9.

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