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Gainesville Housing Authority opens waiting lists for its properties
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The Gainesville Housing Authority has opened its waiting lists for people wishing to apply for housing.

Executive Director Beth Brown said the reason the authority opened up the lists May 3 was because they believed there was less than six months’ supply of applicants seeking housing.

“That’s kind of our rule of thumb that once we get down to where, based on our turnover, we don’t think we have a supply (of applicants) to fill all the units you might have within six months,” she said.

Referencing the economic impacts of COVID-19, Brown said when a person’s income goes down, their rent goes down as well. Rent is 30% of adjusted income. She said they have seen “quite a few” rent adjustments from people losing their jobs.

Though she didn’t have the exact numbers for applications and turnover, Brown said, “as far as the need, I would have thought we would have gotten a lot more applications for housing.”

Brown said they are working to get the word out to the community in outreach with local churches, the Hispanic Alliance-GA and other Gainesville organizations.

One item made clear on the website and elsewhere that potential applicants need to apply for all of the different waiting lists separately if they are interested.

Brown said there are typically plenty of applications for the properties with one to two bedrooms, but the larger sizes tend to have fewer applicants.

“We’ve had as much as 3,000 people on our waiting lists, so we don’t want it to get so large that folks will get discouraged because it’s going to be years before they would ever get housed,” Brown said. “I think we would close it when we decide we maybe have two years’ worth of applicants.”

After submitting an application, the person should receive an email that they are on the list. When the person gets close to the top of the list, the housing authority sends a letter informing them that there may be an apartment available and tells them which documents are needed for processing eligibility.

More information can be found at or by calling 770-536-1294.