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Dirty politics: Lula council member calls code enforcement on colleague’s yard
06182022 TRASH .jpg
Lula City Council Member Denise Shockley was told to clean up her yard by the city's code enforcement officer after he got a call from Gene Bramlett, a fellow city councilman. The property looked partially picked up Friday, June 17. - photo by Conner Evans - photo by Conner Evans

Code enforcement relies on informers.

Count Lula City Councilman Gene Bramlett as a case in point. 

On Monday, June 13, Bramlett called the city’s code enforcement officer out to Council Member Denise Shockley’s property because the yard was full of junk, including appliances, batteries, metal goods and other blight.

Doug Forrester, the code enforcement officer, said Bramlett called him Monday, and he and City Manager Dennis Bergin met with Shockley to talk with her the same day. 

Shockley declined to comment on the situation when contacted by The Times, and Bramlett could not be reached for comment. 

The process is the same with everyone, Bergin said. 

“We find a problem, we give you an opportunity to correct it,” Bergin said. “We gave (Shockley) ample amount of time to correct the issues we saw out there. We didn’t cross every piece of the property, we just addressed what concerns were expressed to us by Gene (Bramlett).”

Shockley has 30 days to clean up the property to come into compliance with city ordinances regarding blight, Bergin said. 

“We always give my determination of a reasonable amount of time, as long as the people contact me and make an effort,” Forrester said. “If there’s extenuating circumstances, that 30 days may not be the cap as long as they’re making progress.” 

Shockley told Bergin and Forrester that she would clean up the mess, Bergin said.