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18-hole disc golf is coming soon to this Gainesville park
Wessell Park 2022

Gainesville's Wessell Park is getting an 18-hole disc golf course.

The 10-acre park at 493 Holly Drive has an outdoor basketball court, tennis court and a small playground, but Parks and Recreation Director Kate Mattison saw an opportunity for the woods that extend beyond the playground area. 

“Our staff has already done a little bit of clearing out of underbrush in the woods behind Wessell,” Mattison said. She was initially concerned they may have to remove trees for the course, but later found that wouldn’t be necessary and existing trees would act as natural hazards, similar to sand traps and water features on a normal golf course. 

The last thing that will come into play will be getting all the signage together,” Mattison said. “I mean we want a scorecard, we want signs that look very similar to a regular golf course so you know what you’re looking at, ‘Does this hole have a dog leg to it? Is it a straightaway? Where’s the fairway, etc.’”

Each basket has already been purchased, and they have received some consulting on how to design the course from Lincoln Griffin of Dog Gone Good Disc Golf, she said. 

They hope to open the course before the start of summer.