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Gainesville grandma wins $2 million in lottery
Woman bought the winning ticket at a Murrayville Texaco
Kathy Crawford gets hugs Thursday morning from granddaughters Lyn Eubanks, 15, and Hope Spires, 7, at the Texaco convenience store in Murrayville where Crawford purchased her $2 million winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Would you take a trip around the world? Buy a shiny, new car? Move into a mansion? Many like to think about what they would do if they won, especially as jackpots climb to hundreds of millions like the Powerball did this week. But few ever get to ask the question with any seriousness.

Kathy Crawford of Gainesville, though, is now faced with what to do with $2 million.

She was presented Thursday morning with a giant check from the Georgia Lottery for winning a scratch-off game last Sunday.

"All I can say is ‘wow,' " Crawford said.

She said she isn't sure what she is going to do with the money, but she's thinking about buying a new car and a house. She admits the sudden windfall has left her feeling dazed and overwhelmed.

"There are just so many things going through my mind that I just have to say ‘Calm down, Kathy. Think this through. We're going to do this,'" Crawford said.

Her oldest granddaughter said she is excited for her and has a few ideas on how to spend the money.

"I expect to get spoiled," Lyn Eubanks, 15, said laughing.

Crawford said she and her husband played the lottery whenever they had a little extra money. She said they always tried to have enough money to buy a ticket once a week. Her eyes became misty as she said "it finally paid off."

She said a week prior to winning, her husband was explaining to her sister-in-law why they play.

"He told her not to be surprised if we come home and we've hit it big, because we're gonna hit it big one day," Crawford said.

His premonition came true as the pair stopped Sunday at the Texaco on Thompson Bridge Road in Murrayville. After purchasing the ticket, the two sat in their car and discovered their good fortune.

"When we first scratched it off I hadn't scratched it all and I thought it said $2,000, and I was excited to see that one. And then I kept scratching it and I saw the other three zeros," Crawford said.

She laughed as she recalled asking her husband if they should go back inside the store and tell the clerks they won. He told her they were going straight home.

"He was saying ‘I just want to get out of this car. I just want to get home and get out of this car," Crawford said laughing.

When the long ride home was over, the couple ran into Crawford's mother-in-law's home, shaking the lucky ticket in the air as they shouted "We won!"

Mother-in-law Ruby Helton said she was very happy to see them win.

"If anybody deserves it, she does," Helton said.

Crawford and her husband have seven children and 17 grandchildren with two more on the way. Crawford works as a private sitter for the elderly and said she intends to keep working. Her husband hasn't taken a day off since they won.

Crawford said she intends to use the money wisely.