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Blackshear Place offers course in money management
Church subsidizes required membership kits
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The road to financial freedom may be closer than you think.

To help people facing debt problems create a plan to straighten out their finances, Blackshear Place Baptist Church is offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University beginning Feb. 1.

“God has a plan for how to handle money. The problem is that we often don’t take the time to show people biblically how to handle their money,” said the Rev. Jeff Crook, pastor of Blackshear Place.

“According to USA Today, the No. 1 cause for divorce in America is money problems. Our families are being torn apart; 70 percent of Americans are in financial bondage living paycheck to paycheck. We felt like God has called us to minister to the family and this is something our community, families and church members desperately need, especially in these days of economic uncertainty.”

Ramsey is an author and nationally syndicated talk show host who offers Bible-based financial advice. Financial Peace University is a 13-week seminar with a video-based curriculum taught by Ramsey. It incorporates group discussions and activities to teach participants how to take accountability and improve their finances.

To introduce the course, the church plans a free preview at 5 p.m. Sunday.

“The preview meeting will provide an overview for the 13-week curriculum. It will feature a 25-minute video introduction from (Ramsey) and will include all the information necessary to sign up and attend Financial Peace University,” said Grady Sutton, minister of church programming for Blackshear Place.

Supplemental materials for the course are sold for $50 at the church. They sell on Ramsey’s Web site for $119.

“By offering (Financial Peace University) as a church course, we can buy the membership kits for $93 plus shipping and handling,” Sutton said. “We believe in the need to help our church families and our community so much that we are selling the kits for only $50.

“We are providing help and a limited number of scholarships for widows, single moms, military families and other families that are hurting or in need. People can attend without a kit, but to have all of the financial forms and materials, we are strongly encouraging them to get one.”

Blackshear Place Baptist Church programs are open to the community and not just church members.

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