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4 things on the agenda for Thursday’s Board of Commissioners meeting
Hall commission to consider subdivision, industrial park
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A Gainesville company is proposing a 519-acre, mostly industrial development off Ga. 365, north of White Sulphur Road and across from Gateway Industrial Centre. - photo by Jeff Gill

On Thursday, the Hall County Board of Commissioners will make decisions on two large developments, a South Hall subdivision and an industrial park in East Hall. The board will also vote on an appointment to the Hall County Planning Commission, a group that hears and votes on zoning and proposed developments.

Commissioners will also decide on whether to restructure how the county handles open records requests.

Commissioners had been to set to vote on a request from Hulsey Environmental Services on Cleveland Highway in Clermont, but instead they're expected to vote to table it until the Jan. 24 meting. Hulsey is requesting to build a terminal for up to 10 trucks. Hulsey’s business license was also scheduled for a vote on revocation, as Hulsey has received several citations for having trucks parked on its property, a violation of its business license conditions. 

Subdivision on Ponderosa Farm Road

A proposed 279-home subdivision in the Chestnut Mountain area that has drawn criticism from neighbors is scheduled to go before commissioners on Thursday.

The 121-acre property at LJ Martin Drive and Ponderosa Farm Road would have a density of 2.3 homes per acre. The Hall County Planning Commission approved the development on Nov. 5.

Building the subdivision would require rezoning of the land from agricultural residential to planned residential development, a move opposed by many nearby residents, who spoke out Nov. 5.

Neighbors have said that they are worried about the high density of the proposed subdivision, as well as the traffic and more urbanized feel that could come with the development.


Industrial park on Ga. 365

The more than 500-acre industrial park off of Ga. 365 that was approved by the planning commission on Dec. 3 will go before commissioners Thursday.

The property at 3240 Chiplan Drive is across the street from the Gateway Industrial Centre, which houses Kubota Manufacturing of America. In August 2019, construction will begin on an inland port for that site, which will use Norfolk Southern rail lines and will handle up to 150,000 containers a year.

The proposed industrial park on Chiplan Drive would have up to 2.6 million square feet of space, which would mostly be used for industrial purposes but could also have commercial and office space.

The land would be rezoned from agricultural residential, planned residential development and planned commercial development to planned industrial development.

Nearby residents told the planning commission Dec. 3 that they were worried about how the industrial park could affect their quality of life and their home values.

David Edwards, whose property is adjacent to the site, spoke in opposition Dec. 3.

“It’s going to prevent me from really enjoying my home anymore,” he said. “I won’t be able to sell it with a factory right across the line there.”


Open records officers

Commissioners will vote Thursday on possible changes to how the county handles open records requests.

Requests would be handled by a designated employee in each department. Each department’s open records officer would be chosen by Dec. 28.

Lisa Ritchie, the clerk for the Board of Commissioners, currently handles most of the county’s open records requests, although the Sheriff’s Office, the Courthouse, Hall County 911 and some other departments have their own records officers.


Appointment to Planning Commission

Commissioners will vote to approve a new member of the Hall County Planning Commission, following former Chairman Don Smallwood’s retirement earlier this month.

Gina Pilcher, a South Hall resident and business owner, has been nominated for the role. She previously ran for a spot on the county school board and has been active in attending local government meetings and speaking on development.

The planning commission will later elect its new chair.

Hall County Board of Commissioners

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13

Where: Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville

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