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Hall County 4-H students compete in district project
Hall County 4-H’ers competed in the 2014 4-H District Project Achievement. They are, from left: front row, Flowery Branch High School student Rhea Chawla, East Hall High School student Shanicka Stephens, Johnson High School students Anna Minor and Josh Butler, C.W. Davis Middle School student Katie White and Flowery Branch High School student Devin DiMizio; kneeling, 4-H Program Assistant Kaitlyn Head; second row, home-school student Xak Hodges, North Hall High School student Julianna Nunez, Johnson High School student Kanecia Garrett, Chestatee High School student Cody Cornett, Johnson High School student Aylin Contreras, Chestatee High School student Jenna Kirby-Van Nostrand, Flowery Branch High School student Alex Johnston, West Hall Middle School student Gretchen Bullock and South Hall Middle School student John Holland; and back row, Chestatee Academy of Inquiry and Talent Development student Madison Williams, East Hall High School student Kia Shields, Flowery Branch High School student Sierra Freeman, East Hall High School student Grace Hilley and West Hall High School student Robb Sheppard.

Hall County 4-H’ers competed in the 2014 4-H District Project Achievement on March 14-16 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. More than 70 seventh- through 12th-graders from 39 Northeast Georgia counties attended. The Hall County results were:


* Gretchen Bullock — Performing arts general (dance)

* Jon Butler — Human development

* John Holland — Target sports

* Gracie McBride — Horse

* Katie White — Human development

* Madison Williams — Performing arts instrumental


* Rhea Chawla — Textiles, merchandising and interiors

* Aylin Contreras — Photography

* Sierrra Freeman — History

* Alex Johnston ­— Target sports

* Julianna Nunez — International


* Cody Cornett — Entomology

* Kanecia Garrett — Arts and crafts

* Grace Hilley — Dog care and training

* Xak Hodges — Performing arts, other instrumental


* Susannah McBride — Veterinary science


* Devin DiMizio — Poultry and egg science

* Jenna Kirby-Van Nostrand — Festive foods for health

* Kia Shields — History

* Shanicka Stephens — Performing arts, piano

* Courtney Woodard — Horse


* Josh Butler — Performing arts, other instrumental

* Savannah Ledford — Human development

* Anna Minor — Fruits, vegetables and nuts

Project Achievement is an annual speech and performance contest. To compete, 4-H’ers must prepare and submit a portfolio of accomplishments and prepare and present an informative and/or demonstrative speech before a team of judges. In addition, posters and/or PowerPoint presentations are used to illustrate their topic along with items to share in a subject of their choice.

Through Project Achievement, 4-H youth learn real-life skills such as resume writing, interview skills and public speaking, which help prepare them for college, technical school or to enter the workforce.

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