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When Buzzed Bull Creamery and Roll On In plan to open in downtown Gainesville
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Construction continues Tuesday, May 16, 2023, at the new Buzzed Bull Creamery/Roll On In on Bradford Street in downtown Gainesville. - photo by Scott Rogers

The cacophony of power tools at 130 Bradford St. NE in downtown Gainesville can only mean one thing: A fresh perspective on Asian fusion cuisine is about to Roll On In.

The fast-casual burrito and bowl concept and its co-brand Buzzed Bull Creamery are nearing completion under the same roof and planned to welcome customers in early June, perhaps as early as Friday, June 5.

Buzzed Bull Creamery and Roll On In

Slated to open: Early June

Where: 130 Bradford St. NE, Gainesville

More info: and 

Roll On In specializes in hibachi and poke bowls, sushi burritos and appetizers, including the “fan favorite” sushi doughnuts — deep-fried sticky white rice and cream cheese topped with avocado, masago and wasabi mayonnaise.

The restaurant will also serve a small selection of draft beer, wine and specialty cocktails.

As for the towering nitrogen tank in the restaurant’s front window, it’s not full of craft beer, as some passersby may think — and have asked throughout the buildout process, according to owners Carey and Melanie Hollman — but liquid nitrogen, which Buzzed Bull harnesses to craft alcohol-infused ice creams and milkshakes starting at 5% alcohol by volume.

Staged in the front portion of the restaurant, Buzzed Bull’s menu features specialty and custom flavors and even vegan-friendly options, all of which are made on the spot, allowing patrons to concoct a virgin novelty or to “buzz it.”

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Interior construction continues Tuesday, May 16, 2023, inside the new Buzzed Bull Creamery/Roll On In on Bradford Street in downtown Gainesville. - photo by Scott Rogers

Among the 30 or so core flavors, ice cream aficionados will find honey bourbon pecan, strawberry shortcake, which is often infused with strawberry vodka, and the bestselling tiger stripes — a chocolate-peanut butter potion buzzed with spiced rum, though the Hollmans also recommend bourbon or peanut butter whiskey.

And, with the liquid nitrogen tank feeding into individual mixers on the line, patrons will be able to watch their ice cream transform from a liquid to a smooth, creamy novelty in a matter of minutes.

“It’s such a theatrical show,” Carey said, adding he hopes to host field trips for classrooms and groups wanting to learn about the science behind the process.

While the name may connote a more adult atmosphere, Buzzed Bull is family-friendly, according to the Hollmans.

“It’s family-first, family-forward,” Carey said in a previous interview. “By no means is this going to be a bar.”

The creamery will also feature coffee, baked goods and to-go orders, the Hollmans said.

“We’re very excited about being able to actually serve the food and enjoy that part (of the business) instead of the construction,” Melanie said. “I think it’s something different than I think anyone else offers on the square. It’s just maybe a little more well-rounded for the whole community (in the sense) of being able to get exactly what they want.”

Initially slated to open in February, the couple said converting the building from a retail space to a restaurant, paired with its age, the holiday season and supply issues, particularly where the electrical components were concerned, prolonged the buildout process.

“But we’re on target now,” Carey said. “We’re in the home stretch. Everything had to be done in the space — everything. It was just a plain, blank canvas.”

In the interim, the couple have been developing new menu items to introduce upon opening. While they couldn’t share specifics, they said they plan to do “some really cool things” with poke and ice cream treats.

“We are cooking up a couple of special things that I think will be, at least (in) name, a tribute to the community and to Gainesville,” Melanie said.

“We did this so we could make good food, good ice cream and have a good time with our community,” Carey said. “That’s what we’re excited about.”

05172023 BUZZED 3.jpg
Buzzed Bull Creamery/Roll On In owners Carey and Melanie Hollman tour the inside of their downtown Gainesville business Tuesday, May 16, 2023, as construction continues on the restaurant interior. - photo by Scott Rogers

For Melanie, the hiring process proved more exciting than she initially expected.

“I’m excited about the team we’re creating, and just to see their excitement makes me even more excited,” she said.

All employees will be cross-trained to work both sides of the business.

“Everyone will know how to do everything,” Carey said. “Just one big team. We try to avoid (saying) that it’s two entities, because it really isn’t — it’s one place. If you wanted to, you could come in and have ice cream, or you can have food — or you can have both.”

Official soft and grand opening plans will be announced on the “Roll On In - Gainesville, GA” and “Buzzed Bull Creamery - Gainesville, GA” social media platforms.