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This Gainesville couple is bringing King of Pops into backyards and event venues
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From left, Emily and Michael Jones recently became Gainesville's first King of Pops neighborhood partner. Photo courtesy Emily Jones

A new type of vendor has rolled into Gainesville, one that serves up frozen treats at outdoor concerts, pool parties, nursing homes or wherever they can fit. 

Emily and Michael Jones, a couple who grew up in Flowery Branch and now live in Gainesville, recently became the Hall’s first King of Pops neighborhood partner. 

“My background is event planning and also restaurant operations, so this is my dream come true,” Emily said. “ … We’re spending our weekends at events and concerts and breweries. It’s just a fun experience overall.”

Unlike the local establishments like Downtown Drafts that sell King of Pops popsicles in their stores, Emily and Michael take the product to people with their cart. 

As a part of the Neighborhood Partner Program, the co-owners are not franchisees, but instead resellers of the popsicles. Emily said the Atlanta-based company tried this new type of venture in 2020 to help expand its reach into communities during the pandemic.

Since starting up their business in June, the couple has wheeled their cart to a range of venues, including the Beach Bash at Lake Lanier Olympic Park, Braselton Town Green and private gatherings.

“It’s just fantastic to be able to hand the goods directly to the consumer and just see the enjoyment from that,” Michael said. 

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Emily and Michael Jones recently became Gainesville's first King of Pops neighborhood partner. They bring their popsicle cart to events in Hall County, including festivals and pool parties. Photo courtesy Emily Jones

While slinging popsicles on the side, Emily works for Zaxby’s corporate office, and Michael serves as a support engineer for a marketing software company. The two said they had tossed around the idea of running a frozen dessert stand, and once they came across King of Pops, their sights were set. 

“What really sold us was the product and the brand,” Emily said. “They use a lot of local farmers and local ingredients. It’s a high quality product that’s great for adults and kids.”

The two said most of their popsicles are made with around five ingredients, some of which are dairy and sugar free. Some of the year-round flavors include chocolate sea salt, cookies and cream, raspberry lime and strawberry lemonade. King of Pops also offers seasonal options like passion fruit raspberry, gingerbread and mango chili lime. 

In addition to bringing their cart to both large and small events, Emily and Michael said they can deliver a set number of popsicles to people in Hall County. Customers can also order a six-pack of the product and pick it up on a Thursday at the Flowery Branch Farmers Market.

“What I’d want folks to know is that it doesn’t have to be a huge event for us to come out, we’ll work with you on small stuff,” Michael said. “We’re very flexible. We can fit anywhere and hopefully fill any need.”

The couple said they don’t charge event or mileage fees, and each popsicle costs around $4. 

“No one is ever unhappy when you hand them a popsicle, and if they are, then hopefully it gets a little bit better,” Emily said. 

To contact Emily and Michael Jones, send an email to or message them on their business’ Facebook page. 

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