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Column: The peachiest peach beer to not come from Georgia
06242021 BEER.jpeg
UFO Beer Co.'s Georgia Peach packs a bold punch of peachy flavor. - photo by Kelsey Podo

I did it. I’ve discovered the peachiest peach beer to ever grace my fridge.

Surprisingly, it’s not from Georgia, but it does pay homage to the Peach State. 

Coming in at 5.1% alcohol by volume, UFO Beer Co.’s Georgia Peach offers a punch of stone fruit that only a mouthful of peaches can produce. 

Like most Georgians, I grew up eating peaches during the summer that I picked up from a roadside fruit stand or market. Each time I find a beer that boasts peach flavors, I almost always purchase it. 

This week I was going to write about a peachy brew from a Georgia craft brewery (who shall not be named), but the beer tasted disturbingly salty and barely resembled my favorite fuzzy fruit. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and claiming the pack was a spoiled batch not stored properly during shipping. 

Unfortunately, this is a common problem with breweries who make great beer. Oftentimes, they’ll brew a fantastic product, but it’ll end up in a warm environment or on display for weeks without proper refrigeration. For fruited ales and hazy IPAs, this can ruin the integrity of the beer. 

Anyway, let’s get back to your new favorite peach beer. The next day after trying this disastrous brew, someone offered me a different beer made with the same fruit — UFO’s Georgia Peach. 

Out of all the beers I’ve tried that tout bold peach notes, this one takes the cake. 

When I opened the can, the aroma of sweet peach candy seized my senses. The flavor proved equally vibrant, fully embracing the stone fruit character. This peachy wheat ale is extremely approachable, not coming off as tart, hoppy or overly sweet. Georgia Peach is the sort of brew even Bud Light acolytes would like or those who haven’t quite immersed themselves in the world of craft beer.

The brewery, which is based in Boston, crafted the beer in 2018 as a seasonal ale to be distributed exclusively in Georgia. According to the brewery’s website, it became “the only thing we wanted to drink all summer long.” As a result, this peach-forward beer spread its roots to other states the following year.

You can find this beer at Conley’s Wine and Spirits, which is located next to the Publix supermarket at Robson Crossing in Flowery Branch. For more information about this tasty brew, visit

UFO Georgia Peach

Brewery: UFO Beer Co.

Alcohol by volume: 5.1%

Style: Wheat ale

Bottom line: The boldest peach beer I’ve ever tried

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