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Avocados downtown jumps into deep end with blowfish on menu
08222018 BLOWFISH
Avocados Restaurant on the downtown Gainesville square recently has been serving blowfish. The fish has to be cleaned and prepared properly in order to make sure it is safe to eat. (Photo courtesy Alicia Webb)
Ordering fried seafood at a restaurant in Georgia isn’t unusual. But what is unusual at Avocados Restaurant on the downtown Gainesville square is the fish hiding inside that crispy breading. Avocados recently started selling blowfish, also known as puffer fish or fugu, as a special on its menu. The fish, which is considered a delicacy as sashimi, or raw, in Japan is highly toxic if not prepared properly. It contains tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin more deadly than cyanide, found in most parts of the fish except the actual meat.