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We are operating in unprecedented and challenging times. Over the past few weeks, we have covered this health crisis from a variety of different angles, with stories on everything from the latest recommended precautions, to businesses adapting to changes, along with positive, heartwarming things being done in our community to make things better. 

These stories were very important to us all. Remember that we also live here, work here and raise our families here. We are beset with the same worries and concerns that keep you awake at night, and fully understand why having a credible source of information is important. That’s one reason we work so hard to make sure we are delivering to you news upon which you can make intelligent decisions.  

We have the largest team of reporters working in Hall County and the North Georgia area. Beyond being reliable professionals who work extremely hard to keep you up to date, they are your friends and neighbors. The same is true for all of our employees, whether they run our printing presses, maintain our web sites, or help our advertisers to grow their businesses. But the process of doing so is not cheap, and like many other small local businesses, the crisis has had a substantial negative impact on our business operations by stopping the flow of advertising dollars upon which we depend for support.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with as much information as we possibly can about what is going on around us during this unbelievably difficult time. But we need your support to continue. Please consider donating below. It won’t constitute a tax-free donation, but it will enable us to keep producing the vital local journalism that this moment requires. 

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