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Get together for Friendsgiving
Lindsay Kobialka

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and friends as close as family will be gathering together for a new holiday tradition: Friendsgiving.

Hosting the perfect Friendsgiving can take as much preparation as the big holiday itself with food, décor, entertainment and the task of bringing everyone together for a day of thanksgiving.

“Over the past three years, it has grown into a newer tradition,” said Lindsay Kobialka of Braselton. "Just like a typical family Thanksgiving, we gathered, had cute tables set up and had a good time."

Kobialka said the get-together does not have to be as stressful as it seems.

“We invited about 10 couples, either just friends or mixed with family," Kobialka said. "I know my family members are closer than most so we tend to have the same friends. Both are super fun and very intimate in setting."

An interior designer and event decorator through Living Fresh, Kobialka said it may be best to stay simple for the party.

“It depends on your group of friends and what type of experience you are going for. For me, the more themed and festive you are, the more fun the experience is. It is in my nature to decorate because it is something I enjoy," Kobialka said. "Sometimes it can take away from the simplicity of why you are gathering. Sticking to something simple will help stick to the whole idea and purpose of the gathering."

Finger foods for appetizers and traditional entrees are best, according to Kobialka. For dessert, it is good to have an assortment of offerings.

“We gathered our closest friends and each of us signed up in a potluck style to bring a dish,” Kobialka said. "Sign Up Genius is always amazing or creating a Facebook group. I would suggest the host come up with menu suggestions and provide the meat or main entree. If you don't want to give restrictions, you can have a signup for categories such as appetizer or dessert and still be a little bit broad but still have structure to where everyone is involved and comfortable."

For entertainment, Kobialka said, group activities such as a craft or board game can be fun.

“Football is usually on and background music is fun. There are always cute games you can do to make it fun,” Kobialka said.

Because it can be daunting to plan such an elaborate event, Kobialka said to stay small.

“Keep it small with your core group of friends to keep that intimate setting," Kobialka said. "Something neighbors could do together, much like Friendsgiving, is a progressive dinner, where each house has a different food such as appetizer, entrees or desserts and you travel to each house."

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