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Photographer displays work at local cafe
Matthew Kuhlers

For the month of January, Inman Perk offers more than coffee through its new featured artist, Matthew Kuhlers.

A photographer for more than three years, Kuhlers jumped on the opportunity to exhibit his work on Inman Perk's walls.

"I was selling a few small prints at a local church bazaar when Marianne Scott came up to me and asked if I'd like to be the artist of the month at Inman Perk coffee shop. I didn't hesitate to say, ‘That sounds like a great opportunity - I'd love to,'" Kuhlers said.

Though born in Orlando, Fla., Kuhlers went to high school in Savannah and did not discover his passion until he graduated.

"After high school, I found myself working at a standup job and constantly thinking that I wanted to be a photographer," he said. "Why not? I like pictures and I like taking pictures; the rest, as they say, is history."

Kuhlers enrolled in an art program at North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville to pursue his dream.

"I haven't looked back. It's easily the best decision I've made in the direction I want to go - I love to travel and I love photography," he said.

With no defined style, Kuhlers dabbles in all types of photography.

"I've photographed weddings, landscapes, small products, commercial products, people, places, wildlife, sports, and hope to expand to even greater horizons," he said.

Kuhlers' featured work envisions landscapes, people, wildlife and places he has visited.

"I want people to be ‘sucked' into the pictures - I want to make them feel like they just can't look away," he said.

If any of the pictures are particularly compelling, they can be purchased - prices are listed on each one.

"I just have a passion to take pictures because there are people that aren't able to travel easily and need a reminder that there is more to the world - pictures give them relaxation and allow them to get away," Kuhlers said.

After discovering his dream, Kuhlers wants others to pursue theirs as well.

"If you're a budding artist, talk to people, get your name out there - don't be afraid to ask questions and do the best job you know how to in every situation," he said. "Success will follow in a reasonable fashion."

In order to buy or even just peer at Kuhlers' work, visit Inman Perk or e-mail him at

"Check it out. There's a little bit of everything," he said. "My work is out there for other people to enjoy."