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How to do adult prom right
Event draws limos, fancy dresses to Gainesville square

Gainesville Adult Prom

When: 6 to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, May 27

Where: Historic Square in downtown Gainesville, 115 Bradford St. S, Gainesville

Cost: $20 single, $35 couple in advance; $35 single, $40 couple at the door, plus fees

People with more years on them than high schoolers will have a chance to relive what almost every teenager looks forward to — prom.

Grown-ups may be seeking a night on the town, an evening away from the kids, or perhaps want to travel back in time to remember their glory days or have a do-over of a failed prom experience. The Gainesville adult prom gives them that opportunity.

Get a date

Teenage girls have high expectations when it comes to being asked to prom. They expect to be asked in a unique, extravagant way through what’s called a “promposal.”

As the adult prom nears, perhaps women of all ages should adopt those standards.

One of the most famous promposals of this year was done while a young man skydived. No matter the style, the older guys can make their date feel special. Try to rekindle that flame that made your heart race as teenager, whether that’s with the high school sweetheart you married or the significant other you found after a bit more maturing.  

Find the dress

Many high school girls try to find their dress weeks and sometimes even months in advance. Women attending the adult prom likely need to plan ahead as well.

“Everybody has been out shopping about for their prom dresses,” Regina Mansfield Dyer, Main Street Gainesville manager, said. “We’ve got some folks around the square that do hair and makeup.”

Fashion for this prom could include the latest, trendiest styles worn at high school proms this year, or the attendees could stick with something more age appropriate.

Bring back big, lace dresses and blue tuxedos if you want and maybe even those poofy hairstyles women used to rock, or at least thought they did.

Hitch a ride

You can’t show up to any prom in your mom’s or dad’s hand-me-down car.

The teens of today want to show up in style, so adults should be able to do that, too.

Consider splurging a little, and rent a limousine for you and your date.

“A lot of them are coming in groups, and they’ll get the big, extended limo and they’ll pile out at the square,” Dyer said.

But don’t forget that you have to find a way home.

Since this is an adult prom, alcoholic beverages will be available, so make sure there is someone to drive you if you plan to drink more than punch.

“I know that at the end of the night, what we’ll do is Downtown Drafts can call cabs or rides to make sure everybody gets a safe ride home,” she said. “So we certainly advocate that.”

Dyer said that there are even some couples who are extending the hours of the adult prom and making a whole night out of it.

“A lot of people we’ve gotten feedback from are staying at the Ramada or the Hampton Inn or one of our local hotels and are just really having a whole, full night out,” she said.