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Hollys Medicine Show stays true to its roots
Traditional comedy, musical show set for Saturday at Dahlonega venue
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Mountain Music Medicine Show

When: 8 p.m. Jan. 7

Where: Historic Holly Theater, 69 W. Main. St., Dahlonega

Tickets: $15

More info: 706-864-3759

It's high time for a dose of good medicine. Mountain medicine, that is.

The Mountain Music and Medicine Show is scheduled to return Jan. 7 to the Holly Theater in Dahlonega.

This unique blend of music and theater was created and based in Dahlonega, and the show stays true to its roots. Six times a year, it is performed at the Holly.

"What we do is present our radio show that showcases local musical talent, as well as comedy and fun," Mountain Music and Medicine Show producer and writer Mel Hawkins said. "We record the show in front of a live audience, and then it is broadcast statewide as a radio show."

The all-volunteer effort features local musicians, actors and comedians in a traditional medicine show-themed presentation.

The show is later broadcast on GPB Onstage, GPB's radio channel, at 8 p.m. the first Saturday each month. An encore show is broadcast at 11 p.m. the following Tuesday.

The show can also be heard on North Georgia College & State University radio station WNGU 85.9-FM and WPPR 88.3-FM.

The setting is Dahlonega from Gold Rush days of the 1830s through the 1950s, when medicine shows would have been common.

Doc Johnson's traveling Miracle Medicine Show has come to town and set up on the square in front of Nix's Store, the hub of local commerce and social center of the area. Doc brings musical acts of the time with him, as well as his own brand of humor, while he exhorts folks to buy his elixirs.

"It's really like a slice of life in rural Georgia from the time," Hawkins said. "It's like ‘Prairie Home Companion' and ‘The Grand Ole Opry' rolled into one, but we like to think we're better."

The show will be presented and recorded in front of a live crowd at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15, and can be purchased by calling the Holly Theater at 706-864-3759, online.

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