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Gainesville native takes pictures of his surroundings
Jason Bohannon has taken several photographs of downtown Gainesville including daytime and nighttime pictures.

Artist and Gainesville native Jason Bohannon will now be known across the city for his “minimalist” style as a piece of his artwork will be on display at one of the city’s bus shelters thanks to the Bus Shelter Art Project.

Led by the city of Gainesville and Vision 2030 of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, and with help from the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, the project is the installation of 15 pieces of art on bus shelters within the community.

“Art was selected in order to introduce artistic works which build on the Gainesville Connection brand of connecting people to family, friends, recreation, business, government, education, retail, nonprofits and places of importance,” a Quinlan news release said. “Thematically and visually, works are focused on the connectivity of people to the community.”

Bohannon said his Gainesville root lured him to the new art project.

“What really brought me to it is I’m a Gainesville native,” the 40-year-old said. “I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve been a part of the community all my life.”

Bohannon explained his interest in photography began as a teenager.

“I kind of grew up through the film era,” he said. “But when I got into my teenage years, digital photography was more the thing. So I got a digital camera. I saved up and bought a cheap one and I used photoshop and I used other programs to manipulate colors and make it look how I wanted it to look.”

Since then, Bohannon has developed a particular style as well as inspiration behind his pieces. His work has “always been an image or a visual that he’s had in his mind.”

“When I shoot personally, I shoot the things I want to show,” he said. “I shoot the things I want people to see.”

Bohannon explained he doesn’t want to edit anything.

“I want to frame it perfectly,” he said. “I want to get shot right the first time. I don’t want to have to manipulate it.”

He described his style as minimalist.

“I can take a thousand pictures, but I’d rather just take five,” he said.

Bohannon said the value of photography lets another person look through the photographer’s eyes for a single moment.

“Through photography you can … let them see how you see the world,” he said.

Bohannon sent in five photographs for the project, but believed the one chosen fit the theme best.

“There’s a lot of hustle and bustle that goes on right there in the center of town and nobody really knows about it,” he said. “That’s kind of what inspired me for that photo — I really wanted to show how busy it can be at night. All the cars coming and going, all the people around.”

He said the time of day and exposure of the traffic and people looked interesting.

“Plus there’s a lot of other cool lights around Gainesville in that center part of town,” Bohannon said. “Everything in that long exposure shot just glistens. It looks like Las Vegas. Gainesvegas.”

He was proud to present the city’s downtown scene in this light.

“To be able to show my own hometown and have people appreciate my different views on it, that’s awesome,” he said. I’m really excited about it. I just appreciate the opportunity

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