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Film helps displaced Colombian farmers
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Documentary screening

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Where: First Baptist Church, 751 Green St., Gainesville

How much: Free

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Give Us Names is bringing the struggles of displaced South American farmers to Hall County.

At 7 p.m. Friday, the nonprofit will host a screening of its documentary "Leaving La Floresta" at First Baptist Church, 751 Green St. in Gainesville.

The stop is part of the group’s Resistance and Restoration Tour.

The documentary shows how government’s efforts to curtail the drug trade is impacting innocent farmers.

The government has been using small planes to indiscriminately spray chemicals over areas with suspected crops of drugs.

The chemicals not only kill the drug plants, it also makes the land unusable for farmers on adjacent plots of land. They’re forced to relocate their families to try and find work and a means for survival.

In the film, the group introduces a displaced farmer named Abelardo. Throughout the movie, viewers are able to see how drug policies have personally impacted his family.

Give Us Names has been working for several years to raise money and awareness to help displaced farmers like Abelardo return to their homes and the trades they love.

After the "La Floresta" screening, the group — which includes North Hall High School graduates Michael Christmas and Zack Mellette — will show a follow-up video which follows a family that has been able to return to their farm.

The screening is free and will also include a coffee and dessert reception.