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End the year with a fixed pet
Humane Society of Northeast Georgia offers extra incentive to spay, neuter your dog or cat
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Spay-Neuter Center

Get a free annual vaccination with an appointment to have your pet fixed

When: Through Dec. 31

Where: Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

How much: $60 for dogs and female cats. $50 for male cats.

Contact: 770-532-6617

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is offering a special incentive to pet owners who have their animal spayed or neutered this holiday season: Anyone making an appointment for surgery performed by Dec. 31 will receive a free rabies shot or annual vaccine of their choice, a $10 value.

Appointments for the holiday special are available on a first-come basis by calling 770-532-6617.

"Typically, we see a drop in surgeries during this season because people are thinking about the holidays and having your animal spayed or neutered is not top of mind," said Rick Aiken, Humane Society president. "However, spay-neuter surgery is actually the best gift you can give. Your pets will live longer, healthier lives and you can actually save money since surgery is much less than the cost of having and caring for a litter."

The society's Spay-Neuter Center offers high-quality, affordable surgery by appointment for public pet owners throughout the area. Costs are $60 for female dogs, female cats and male dogs, $50 for male cats. The center is able to accept all sizes and breeds; however, the animals must weigh at least 2 pounds or be 8 weeks old in order to have surgery.

The Spay-Neuter Center is funded in part by surgery fees, but also is subsidized by corporate grants and donations. To learn more, contact 770-532-6617 or visit its website.