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Artists can take oils to the next level
Quinlan workshop focuses on paintings completed in 1 or 2 sessions
Artist Marc Chatov will be conducting a workshop, "Painting Alla Prima," Monday through Friday at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center.

Painting Alla Prima

What: Oil painting workshop with artist Marc Chatov

When: Monday-Friday, eight-hour daily sessions

Where: Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 514 Green St., Gainesville

Cost: $530

Contact: 770-536-2575

Next week, budding oil painters will have the opportunity to learn from famed artist Marc Chatov.

Chatov will be conducting a workshop, "Painting Alla Prima," Monday through Friday at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center at 514 Green St., Gainesville.

"Alla prima" painting refers to the style of painting where an entire work is completed in one or two sessions without waiting for the layers to dry completely. Depending on the thickness and type, oil paint can take anywhere from a few days to a month to be dry to the touch.

Some people even say there are 100-year-old paintings that still aren't completely dry.

"It's a pretty intensive workshop, so I would say it's more for intermediate to advanced students," said Paula Lindner, Quinlan assistant director.

During the eight-hour daily sessions, Chatov will discuss and demonstrate various techniques while students work on their own monochromatic study. Participants will also have the opportunity to capture the likeness of a live model on canvas.

"Within my workshops, I look to each individual to develop their skills, being open to guidance and supportive to their fellow artist students," Chatov said.

Chatov has been conducting workshops at the Quinlan for more than decade. He's been featured by Money Magazine as one of the top eight portrait artists in the U.S. He also has received the Governor's Artist of Excellence Award.

The workshop costs $530 per person. The fee includes the model fee, Lindner says.

Among other things, participants will need to bring their own canvas or gesso board with a "light wash of ultramarine blue and transparent red oxide." A complete supply list for the workshop is available on the Quinlan's website.

Participants must register in advance for the workshop by calling the arts center at 770-536-2575.