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11th annual HemlockFest returns to Dahlonega Nov. 6-8
Ben LaChance, an Appalachian Outfitters employee, volunteers last year at the HemlockFest. He pulls in Jaiden Hillmann, 11, Avery Hillmann, 10, and Thad Hood, 13, from paddling around the lake in Murrayville.
One of the world’s largest grassroots groups for saving Hemlock trees is holding its 11th annual festival in Dahlonega this weekend. Hosted by the Lumpkin Coalition, HemlockFest is an annual gathering that raises money to increase public awareness for Eastern and Carolina Hemlock tree problems, and provide financial support for area colleges and universities in their efforts to save the Hemlocks. Hemlocks are a genus of evergreens that help purify area rivers and streams and offer shelter to local wildlife.