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Column: Let this elf help you discover the magic of Christmas
Elf on the Shelf.jpg
Jingles the Elf on the Shelf - photo by Shannon Casas

Merry Christmas! This is Jingles, the Elf on the Shelf who lives at Shannon’s house. She is working on some other things — wrapping presents, maybe?! Or baking cookies? — but she brought her work laptop home, so I’ve come to say hello to you all and the two little boys who I’ve been watching.

I come from the family of Elf on the Shelf. There are many of us, and our job is scouting — we get deployed to a family home, watch those children and report back to Santa whether they have been naughty or nice. 

Some of us get up to a little mischief, too. After all, it’s hard to be nice all the time, especially when there is one delicious slice of peanut butter and chocolate pie left in the fridge. Mmmm, that was tasty.

Sometimes the grown-ups get a little exasperated with our shenanigans, but I promise we mean well.

There are other elves, like the ones who make all the toys at the North Pole and those who accompany Santa to some of his photo shoots.

As an Elf on the Shelf, I fly back to the North Pole each night, and let me tell you, those workshop elves are busy — almost as busy as all the grown-ups scurrying around worried about what to buy Aunt Sally and cousin Mary Kate.

If you ask me, Christmas is time to have a little fun. And I’ve had some fun at the Casas household so far. I played some Christmas songs on the piano — “Jingle Bells” is my favorite, of course. I found a cozy chair to read “The Night Before Christmas.” I made myself a snowy slope to test out their elf-sized sleigh. 

I’m an expert on spreading holiday cheer — don’t let the grown-ups tell you otherwise! — so since I’ve got your attention, here are a few of my Christmas recommendations:

  • Turn on some Christmas music and dance in the kitchen. Not that icky slow dancing some grown-ups like but bop around  to “Jingle Bell Rock,” another of my favorites. No one’s watching — OK, I’m watching, but I won’t judge — so dance like you mean it.

  • Bake some Christmas cookies from scratch. Half the fun is measuring out all the ingredients and getting flour everywhere — oh and then eating them, of course.

  • Curl up on the couch with someone special and watch your favorite Christmas movie. “The Santa Clause” — yes the one from the 1990s with Tim Allen — is one of my favorites. That Bernard the elf is a legend and had quite a lot to do to get that guy ready to fill Santa’s shoes.

  • Grab a cup of hot chocolate with a friend  — coffee if you want, but I recommend hot chocolate, especially with a little added peppermint. Delicious. My buddy Gary, the Elf on the Shelf who lives next door, likes apple cider. 

  • Spend some time with kids who believe in Santa and his elves. If you’re one of those grownups with a crusty outer shelf of cynicism, there’s nothing like the magical imagination of a 5-year-old to melt that away.

I think I hear jingling on the roof, so and I better run and catch my ride to the North Pole. Thanks for reading! 

Shannon Casas, who usually writes this column, is editor in chief of The Times and a North Hall resident. Jingles the Elf is currently staying with the Casas family.