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On the big screen: Movie War Room rocks box office
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With the success of “War Room” many have wondered how such a low budget, seemingly boring movie with no “eye candy” has landed at the top of the charts.

The answer lies within the film’s audience: people seeking entertainment both family-friendly and inspiring.

Cinemas over the past few decades have been filled with violent, dark and at times provocative films. Though at times poignant to the evils of human nature and our decaying society, they often leave something to be desired.

Since 2003, the Kendrick Brothers of Albany, Ga., have been producing films that bring hope and inspiration to a largely ignored demographic: Christian movie-goers.

Part of the key to their success has been how the movies have been marketed: through what Entertainment Weekly has called called “grassroots efforts,” to provide pastors resources for teachings and catalysts for conversation among audiences.

This is a movie that calls believers, unbelievers and everyone in between to join in the discussion sweeping the nation, of the true power in prayer and the strategy for getting off the sidelines, taking a stance and winning the war! A must-see.

(Synopsis does not contain plot spoilers!)

The movie focuses on the Jordan family, who appear to be living the American Dream: husband Tony, (T.C. Stallings) climbing the corporate ladder as a pharmaceutical representative, his wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) working as a real-estate broker and a their 10-year-old daughter Danielle, (Alena Pitts) who makes good grades in school and has a blossoming athletic ability. All is perfect, from the outside looking in. But, as we get to know the family, we see a husband running from his strained marriage, a detached child and a wife trying to cope with it all.

An aged widow looking to sell her house, Miss Clara, enters their lives as Elizabeth’s newest client. As the two women tour the house, Clara often speaks of her faith in God in relation to memories, and her “second favorite room in the house,” since she refuses to show her favorite room until next time.

After the meeting, the words of her client still ring in Elizabeth’s ears as she goes home to face more stress from her distant husband and hurting child.

Upon their second time together at the elder lady’s home, Miss Clara proceeds to explain to her new friend about how she should fight for her marriage by praying for her husband. Not a simple “Sunday school” prayer that Elizabeth would think of but praying boldly before the Lord in faith as Miss Clara does.

She finally shows Elizabeth her favorite room in the house; what she calls her “war room” (thus the title of the movie.)

Under the guidance of Miss Clara, Elizabeth Jordan embarks on a journey through prayer, facing challenges such as Tony’s intrigue with a beautiful woman at work, Danielle’s melancholy outlook on her life at home and her own struggle to stay faithful to a radical lifestyle and mindset change.

Through taking her faith and prayer life seriously, Elizabeth is able to find real faith that changes the life of her family. The film leaves the viewer with a sense of encouragement, the motivation to change their lives through the power of prayer and grow deeper in their faith in God.

With the low budget of only $3 million, AFFIRM Kendrick Brothers’ newest movie “War Room” came in at the box office with $11.4 million its opening weekend, second only to

“Straight Outta Compton,” making $13.2 million it its third weekend showing, according to Entertainment Weekly. “War Room” was able to edge out “Compton” over Labor Day weekend, with $12.6 million made. Profit is expected to stay steady in the upcoming weeks, as word of mouth spreads.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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