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Young wins twice at Lanier Speedway
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Lanier National Speedway
Saturday’s results

1. Jami Weimer
2. Christopher Tullis
3. Will Davidson

Legends Semi-Pro

1. RS Senter
2. Gregory Lang
3. Cory Parham

Legends Young Lions

1. Jesse Little
2. Matthew Johnson
3. Kason Plott

Legends Pro

1. Kyle Plott
2. Steven Cantrell
3. Bayley Currey

Legends Master

1. Phillip Young
2. Rick Geddes
3. Larry Friddle

Mini Stock

1. Allen Cantrell
2. Spanky Hicks
3. Scotty Beck

Outlaw Late Model

1. David Murphy
2. Jason Bates
3. Brian Hardman


1. Phillip Young
2. Jeff Chadwick
3. Daryl Broome

Vintage Car Winners

Fred Harren         Modified Open
Martin Sapp         Modified Sportsman
Jason Bowen    Late Model Modified
Bryan Cantrell   Late Model Sportsman
Allen Cantrell    Limited Sportsman

Phillip Young won in the Legends Master race and the Super Trucks race last Saturday night at the Lanier National Speedway.
RS Senter, of Oakwood, won in the Legends Semi-Pro race, and David Murphy, of Pendergrass, won the Outlaw Late Model race.

Jami Weimer, of Cumming, won the Bandoleros race and Christopher Tullis placed second.

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