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Tennis tip: Comfortable shoes make big difference
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Find a piece of corregated cardboard, like a shipping box. Lay if flat on the ground and beat it as flat as you can with a hammer. When it’s really flattened-out, compare it with your old, worn-out tennis shoes.

New shoes offer wonderful support and comfort while you’re playing.

When they wear thin, they take your feet on a miserable, painful trip every time you play.

The lateral stability also breaks-down, making it possible to roll over and possibly twist an ankle if you play hard.

Wear good shoes until they wear out, and then use them for yard shoes.

If you are aware of them while you’re playing, they’re shot. Get a new pair. Be nice to your feet, especially on hard courts.

Tennis is a relatively cheap game to play.

Usually a racket and shoes are the biggest investment.

In some cases, your worn-out shoes could cause you to lose a match; more than racquet ever could!

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