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Tennis tip: Be prepared for cold weather
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Playing in the cold weather this winter requires a few adjustments. Dress in layers so you can warm up gradually and not be miserably cold. Peel layers as you get warmer. You’ll know you’re ready to play when you break a sweat.

Warm up before you play hard. Extend your routine warm up so that you don’t pull a muscle.

Wear a hat and cover your ears. Especially in the wind, a hat can make a huge difference.

Wear a racket mitten. No one likes gloves; they interfere with the feel of the racket. Put your playing hand into the cuff end of an old sock. Cut a small hole in the toe end and slip that end over your handle. Now you can feel the handle and keep your hands warm.

Expect low bounces. Cold, rubber tennis balls don’t bounce normally.

Move your feet an extra half step to compensate.

Hit harder. Again, cold balls are not very lively.

Tennis is almost as much fun in the cold. Just don’t be caught unprepared.

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