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Week 7 Power Ratings: North Hall rushes ahead
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The power rating is a ratio of points scored vs. points allowed. Example: Team A beats team B 21-7, therefore team A has a power rating of three, since team A scored three points to every one point scored by team B. The power rating, like many statistical concepts, is more valid each week as more games are played.

The father of NFL statistics was a guy named Bud Goode. At that time in the late 1970’s, there were about 132 measurable NFL statistics. Bud correlated them with points scored and points allowed by the defense. When I was coaching with the Philadelphia Eagles (1976-1984) we used Bud’s stats to set team goals, knowing if we did well on the important stats, we would have a successful NFL season. During my years on Dick Vermeil’s staff we went from winning six games our first season in 1976 to being the NFC Champs in 1980 and playing in Super Bowl XV. One thing, as most of you know, the stronger the opponents the more valid a win is at substantiating and establishing a team’s true strength.

1. North Hall (5-1) PR 3.48, average points 46.33, average allowed 13.33: I saw the first half of the North Hall-Fannin game, and since the Trojans’ line was so dominating on both sides of the ball, I knew long before the score got out of hand that the Trojan “Big Guys” were going to lead the team to victory. North Hall had an almost unheard of 495 yards rushing. Only the older reader will remember this as Woody Hayes kind of football. It’s a battle of wills won one play at a time. The power numbers put the Trojans at the top, but it’s the “on the field play” the next four to five weeks that will help us separate out our top team. Friday night a good White County team will give the Trojans another test.

2. Gainesville (6-1) PR 2.85, average points 44.71, average allowed 15.71: The Big Red have built a tradition established by many players who, through the years, have set high standards for this year’s Red Elephants. When the young Gainesville player gets his first Red Jersey, it comes with high expectations. When you attend a Gainesville game, the stands are full of fans who once proudly represented their school much like today’s players do. Like all Red Elephant teams, the players are physical, but now they have a splendid passing game. Deshaun Watson’s passing gives this very physical football team another dimension. City Park will be packed Friday night as a very good Clarke Central team from Athens will be in town to renew an old rivalry.

3. Flowery Branch (5-2) PR 1.50, average points 33.14, average allowed 22.14: This Flowery Branch team seems to be improving every week. Last Friday night the Falcons won a must-win game against Winder Barrow. They did not let this strong Winder team come up for air. Junior quarterback Jackson McDonald was on fire teaming with running back Justin Curry. This is not the first time I have written about a Curry, and the way Justin is playing I’m sure it won’t be the last.

4. Chestatee (5-1) PR 1.48, average points 38.33, average allowed 25.83: The power numbers put this fine War Eagles team fourth, but with five wins it would be easy to put them in a four-way tie for first. The War Eagles are tied for first in their region and it looks to me like their players have an eye on a playoff spot. With a 51-0 victory last weekend over Walnut Grove, it looks to me that this ever-improving Chestatee team is going to be a full night’s work for the very best opponent. The War Eagles host Lanier on Friday, seeking their sixth victory.

5. Johnson (4-3) PR .77, average points 22.00, average allowed 28.57: This Johnson team’s not pretty, but they come to the park ready every Friday night. It had to be an exciting bus trip last Friday night as they rallied from behind to knock off Clarkson 31-27 at Clarkson’s home stadium. Friday night they host Druid Hills, and I can promise you the Knights will play hard the full 48 minutes.

6. East Hall (2-4) PR .60, average points 20.5, average allowed 34.17: The Vikings had an open date last Friday and host 2-4 West Hall on Friday night.

7. West Hall (2-4) PR 0.55, average points 17.00, average allowed 30.67: The Spartans had last Friday night off, and are at 2-4 East Hall on Friday night.

Chuck Clausen is a Hall County resident who coached high school, college and professional football for 28 years. His Power Ratings column appears each Thursday during high school football season.

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