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SHERBY: Playing tennis is like driving a car
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When you got your license, you had limited experience behind the wheel so you were cautious. You were very self-conscious as you accelerated, braked, parked, backed-up, etc.

You’d heard about other new drivers having accidents and you didn’t want to be one of them. Still, a fender-bender here and there was inevitable.

That’s why you were given a clunker.

Tennis players should play like new drivers for a while too.

For maybe five years.

Until then, you’ve got limited experience.You’re not ready to put the pedal to the metal and take risks.

So don’t play shots at breakneck speed and don’t try to hit your serves as hard as you can and don’t attempt tricky shots you’re not yet capable of.

Stay within your controlled speed even though it’s exhilerating to go fast.

With time, your self-consciousness will disappear and your routine driving will go on automatic pilot. You’ll still be looking out of dangerous situations however, but you’ll be able to drive (play) briskly, you’ll blend right in with the other traffic, and you’ll be putting your blinker on without thinking about it.

Don’t forget your seatbelt.

Play tennis this way for a while.

Then you can get a Ferrari and race it at Road Atlanta.

Hey! Keep on the road.

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