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Sherby: Keep your court clean
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I’m not writing about courts with leaves and debris or trash and bottles. I’m stressing the importance of removing stray balls from your side of the court between points.

Your opponent has every right to request that you clear your side before each and every point. He may legitimately claim that those balls are a distraction.

Needless to say, they are also dangerous. Yes I know that you think you are very aware of that ball under your feet, but what about your doubles partner? What if the point lasts for thirty exchanges and you forget about that stray ball? If you have ever stepped on a ball accidentally, you know you can twist an ankle easily. Pick it up!

If the ball in play strikes a ball that was lying on the court at the beginning of a point, it is still in play.

If the ball in play strikes a ball that rolls onto your court during play, you must play a let.

The best advice: Keep your court clean.

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