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Sherby: Do you really need a racket?
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It’s exciting to buy a shiny new tennis racket.

Players always play better with a brand new racket (for a little while until the excitement wears off!)

Of course, the racket companies know this; that’s why they come out with dozens and dozens of new models each season.

They know that most players never actually wear their rackets out or break them; they simply grow tired of their old stuff.

Some experienced, savvy players stick with their old faithful through thick and think knowing that it’s practically impossible to wear out a racket.

They simply restring their old racket frequently to keep it playing as good as new.

Of course, if you don’t agree with all of this, you can throw a temper tantrum and smash your old racket to pieces (it feels good sometimes!) and then go out and buy another one with a perfectly legitimate excuse.

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