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Prevost: Georgia, Alabama setting up to be an enticing SEC Championship
Georgia vs. Auburn

Undefeated Georgia and Alabama are poised to clash for conference supremacy on Dec. 2 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a matchup befitting of the venue’s inaugural hosting of the original conference championship game.

With the Dawgs having already clinched the SEC East crown and the Tide rolling in the West, the SEC Championship could pit the top-ranked teams in the country.

The winner of that contest, of course, is the true national champion, but a UGA/Bama affair also carries with it the prospect of the Southeastern Conference fielding two teams in the four-team College Football Playoff.

For one half of the playoff to hail from the finest conference in the land, Georgia and Alabama (No. 1 and 2, respectively, in this week’s CFP rankings) simply need to win their remaining regular season games, then avoid an unlikely lopsided outcome when they meet in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

Two conference teams in the Playoff would infuriate those poor souls who, for some reason, harbor an anti-SEC sentiment. 

It would be glorious.

Only one thing can prevent the SEC Championship we all want, followed by an SEC-dominated Playoff:  Millennials.

Kidding, of course, as I’m not sure Millennials even know what football is, much less SEC football. But they’re all I hear about these days, as companies want to hire them and advertisers want to appeal to them. I’m just glad we didn’t have to fight WWII with them. Big bunch of wussies, those Millennials.

In any event, speaking of wussies, the Auburn Tigers stand in the way of a phenomenal SEC crown and an SEC-flavored Playoff.

Auburn can play master spoiler as it hosts Georgia Saturday in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry and Alabama Nov. 25 in the Iron Bowl. 

With two Auburn victories over its archrivals, the SEC’s grand playoff plans will have been dashed faster than Bobby McFerrin’s singing career.

You likely don’t remember Bobby McFerrin, but you know his No. 1 hit from 1988, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

You should heed McFerrin’s sage advice with respect to this Auburn predicament, because I have full faith that Auburn will demonstrate proper Southern manners and step aside.

In fact, on behalf of all true SEC fans, I respectfully ask Auburn to allow Alabama and Georgia to play in the SEC Championship game.  It’s the right thing to do, the graceful move.

Sure, Auburn still has a shot at an SEC title. 

And, if Auburn beats Georgia and Alabama, then triumphs over Georgia again in the SEC Championship, the Tigers would have a mighty strong case that wins over the top two teams, plus Georgia a second time for good measure, puts them in the playoff.

Here’s the thing, Auburn:  We don’t care. 

Feel free to fly that eagle around your stadium, have your coach wear those ugly sweater vests, tailgate and show up 90,000 strong to Jordan-Hare Stadium and, heck, even roll Toomer’s Corner.

Just LOSE, please. Play like you did when that 20-0 lead over LSU went up in flames. Play like you did in that mediocre 14-point win over Mercer. 

For goodness sake, Auburn, have some manners, and let Georgia and Alabama do their thing.

Thanks, Auburn. We appreciate you.

Ben Prevost writes SEC Banter during college football season for The Times. He can be reached at

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