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STURDIVANT: Fishing gets better
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There are still humps, trees and long points exposed lake wide.

Be very careful running the lake.

Bass fishing is very good as the fish are heading to the shallows all over the lake.

The fish are also on the secondary points in the creek and if you’re after a big fish, use a Stanley jig and pig in crawfish colors.

The spawn is only a couple of weeks away.

The up-river fish are on the points and the dark Stanley jigs in the Ø-ounce sizes with a No. 11 Uncle Josh trailer are fair.

Use the blacks and silver colors in the dark Stanley jigs, cast shallow on the points and docks up lake and work these baits slowly for a good bite.

The Zoom u-tail worms in the greens and pumpkinseed on a Texas rig are fair.

Also use a Carolina rig and a Zoom watermelon seed lizard.

A short two-foot leader on a Carolina rig with an egg sinker in «-ounce sizes are best on the rig and will work in several areas from Gainesville Marina up the Chattahoochee River.

The Flat "A" Bombers in the baby bass and shad colors will work on the points and around docks.

Keep the line sizes down to 10-pound Stren and the baits will run a few feet deeper.

Never overlook a Mini Me spinner bait up lake for spots and largemouth all day.

The «-ounce spinner baits with all white with pearl are great.

Spotted bass fishing is also very good with some really big fish feeding lake wide.

The fish that are being caught are coming off of warming coves in areas towards the backs of the coves.

Spots are very fat and, as the water warms, look for most of the fish to start spawning when the water temperature stabilizes around 60 degrees over the next couple weeks.

Most of the fish can be found in the backs of cuts on any kind of structure you can find, but seem to be relating more to the docks, particularly the last set of docks with at least 10 feet of water under them.

Target areas should be out of the wind, those that get the most sunlight and those with a bottom contour of sand or pea gravel.

The fish are biting spinner baits like the «- ounce Mini Me, Zoom Flukes in white and baby bass and a Zoom Trick worm.

Rig the worm on a Spot Sticker 3/16-ounce lead head and worm any boat dock, point and hump on lake.

These fish are also biting the suspending jerk baits in silver and blue colors.

Also, the Shad Rap and the DT six Rapalas are hot.

The mid-sized crank baits that dive 6-12 feet in a natural shad color will work.

Zoom’s Swamp Crawler worm rigged on a 3/16-ounce Texas rig with the weight pegged will get a lot of bites all day.

Both green pumpkin and natural blue are really getting some nice fish.

Also a Strike King Bitsy Flip in the black and blue, brown, or green are also working, especially on secondary points.

Fish the areas that will warm the quickest and that are staging areas for the spawning of spotted bass, areas out of the wind with stagnant water and the back side of wind blown points.

Striper fishing is good and there are fish in Balus Creek, Young Deer Creek, Flat Creek and Shoal Creek.

Use trout, blue-back herring and gizzard shad for a nice catch.

The live bait has been producing the majority of the bigger fish on the lake this past week.

Cast Super Flukes in white pearl and white pearl/chartreuse combination along with buck tails while free lining your baits.

Hit the points and shallow flats for your best bet.

These fish are ranging at depths of 10-30 feet and will bite if you use live bait shiners on a float rig.

Shiners and jumbo minnows are best when striper fishing and be sure to be quiet in these areas while fishing up lake and do not worry about the stained water, the fish are there.

Night fishing is fair casting Bomber Long A’s and «-ounce all-white buck tails are all working in various colors.

Use what you have confidence in. there are some big spots up to five pounds at night and it is just going to get better.

The bite seems to begin just before dark and will last until approximately 1 a.m.

If you are fishing the north end of the lake work the main lake points.

Crappie fishing is good. Depths vary all day, but four feet is a great place to start.

Just go to the back of any major creek, pick ten docks and you will find a school of fish.

The backs of the creeks are excellent. You can smell the fish bedding lake wide and all the major creeks with any wood in the water will produce.

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