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Outdoors brief: 'Snowbirds' need feeders in winter
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FORSYTH — Keep your hummingbird feeders filled and available this winter.

That’s the recommendation of Georgia Wildlife Resources Division biologists, who know that some hummers spend winter in the state and benefit from the nourishment feeders offer.

Eleven hummingbird species have been recorded in Georgia and many Georgians once took their feeders down in fall for fear the free food would keep hummingbirds from migrating. But the birds migrate in response to day length, not food supply. Keeping feeders up does not hinder migration.

Instead, some fortunate homeowners have enjoyed playing host to rare visiting hummingbirds in winter.

"People enjoy doing it. (And) we get good information" involving the birds, said Jim Ozier, a program manager with the Wildlife Resources Division’s Nongame Conservation Section.

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