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Lake Lanier fishing report
Lake down 13.5 feet, clear and 78 degrees
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North Hall Middle School teacher Kathy Mellette comments on how she hopes a school-led public awareness campaign on water conservation will affect the community.

There are lots of humps, rock piles, tree stumps and long points exposed lake wide with the lake down almost 14 feet.

Black bass fishing is fair and the fish are having to move weekly to seek new homes. We see some fish in the middle of the mid lake creeks. Use a light Texas rigged worm, jerk baits and lizards. On the Texas rig use a very small sinker to let the baits sink slowly. There are some fish in and around exposed stumps and brush piles. Also try a Bandit 200 in sexy shad and root beer and work the points with light line and dig the bait into the lake bottom then stop it. The top water bite has been fair on No. 10 Rapala’s in silver black back. Watch the flats right off the river ledges down lake. Some areas in the upper end are still stained. Early in the day the warming shallows will help the shallow bite. Use all gold Leverage buzz baits early but keep it ready even in the middle of the day. Then use Carolina rigs with green Zoom lizards on the ledges, but the fish are striking baits very lightly. Zoom natural blue u tails will work on a 3/16 ounce sinker but be sure to peg it to work it through the brush on docks. It’s not an easy bite this week but with some work, a few largemouth will bite.

Spotted bass fishing is fair. These fish are after suspending jerk baits, spinner baits and some top-water baits like small Spooks. Also the DT6 Rapala crank baits in hot mustard are working. Cast these baits right on the bank, structure or not, crank them five times and stop. Also work main lake or creek points. The five-inch Red Fin in any color and the Zoom Super Fluke in pearl can take these fish all day. Remember; keep moving and cover a lot of water especially up lake this week. The fish are moving all day and night as they feel the water cool down and the days getting shorter. Down lake, go to the creeks and fish half way from the back to the mouth of the creek. Spend some time working docks with the jig and also use a Zoom u tail worm and a Zoom Bush Hog in pumpkinseed. The Texas rig and a 3/16 -ounce sinker will work but peg the sinker or use a Spot Sticker style rig. .

Striper fishing is good and live bait is the best overall choice lake wide. Use blue back herring, trout and large or jumbo shiners. Be sure to get enough bait to keep fresh lively bait ready at all times. Stripers are feeding right in the middle of the day to late afternoon. A few reports are that the fish are taking flat lines and planer boards around Gainesville Marina. Trail some live bait all day especially up lake. Down lake the fish are eating both down lines at 40 or 80 feet deep over at least 60 feet of water. Flat Lines will start producing soon and the shallow bites will get going as the water temperatures start to cool off. In the creek mouths, use a down rod has at least a two-ounce sinker. Keeping the line bait in the strike zone is critical to your success day and night. There is no night bite on plugs or live bait. During the day, place down lines directly over the tops of the trees at 60 feet. There is no main lake pattern so stay in the creeks and depths are ranging anywhere from 40- to 65-feet deep at the bends in the creeks and off the points. Trolling can be hot and then dead so watch the feeding periods and keep moving until the fish start up in the water column.

Lake Lanier report from Ken Sturdivant of "The Southern Fishing Report." Contact: (770) 889-2654 or log onto

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