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Lake Lanier fishing report: Subsurface baits remain productive
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Lake temperatures are right around 80 degrees. The Corps has done a good job of holding water, and Lake Lanier is around 1055.3 feet or 15.7 feet below full pool. The Chattahoochee River is clear and cool.
Check generation schedules before heading out to the river at 770-945-1466


Bass fishing is very good and the spotted bass are feeding heavily as fall approaches. Bass continue to school out on main lake points, humps and in the mouths of the creeks.
Work a SPRO Dawg 125 around any schooling fish. A lot of these spotted bass will swipe at your topwater plug with out actually eating it. When this happens have a bait tied on that runs below the surface.

Subsurface baits continue to be productive, and I have caught fish on just about any moving lure. SPRO Aruka Shads or larger white and silver Rooster Tails have been good choices. Other crank baits, spoons or Fish Head Spins are also working well.

There have been some decent spotted bass relating to docks. Target the docks that have deep water close by in the creek mouths.

Use an Ikie Spike Tru Tungsten Jig Head with a finesse worm and skip these lures up under the docks.
The large mouth bass have been biting in the back of the creeks when rain washes in to the lake. Throw a buzz bait up on the bank and reel it slowly into the water around any wood or dock cover in the stained water. A SPRO Little John or Flip Side Picasso Spinner Bait will work for these largemouth in the shallower water.


The striper fishing has been great and will continue to be productive through the fall. Two methods seem to be working for stripers this week.

The first, and most productive method, is to down line larger blueback herring at around 30-50 feet on main lake flats close to the river channel. A down line consists of a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader with a hook tied to one end and a swivel with a large sinker tied to the main line. It is basically a Carolina Rig.
Hammond’s has some great prices on lively bluebacks and they can help you with the latest striper information.

The second method that is working well is trolling SPRO Buck Tails on lead core line. Make sure to keep your speed at around 2.5 miles per hour and set your lines back seven to nine colors depending on the depth.

This method is not producing the numbers that live bait is but it seems to catch bigger fish. Watch your Humminbird Fish Finder while trolling to locate the best areas.


Continue to troll Crappie Spoons and Jigs while watching your Humminbird Fish Finder. When you locate a solid school of crappie either troll over that area thoroughly, or set out live crappie minnows on a down line at the level that the fish appear on your fish finder.

Target the mid creek areas that have docks and timber close by.

Trout on the Chattahoochee

Trout fishing has slowed a little but they are still biting. Fish the rapids and deeper pools with a Countdown Rapala or Yo Suri Pins Minnow. Fly-fishing is best later in the afternoons.

Eric Aldrich is a part time outdoor writer, bass fisherman and sponsored by Humminbird, SPRO, Gamakatsu, Tru Tungsten and Hammonds Fishing and Boat Storage. Reports are based on personal experience and permission from a close network of friends. He would love to hear from his readers so please email him at or visit his website at Remember to take a kid fishing!

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