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Lake Lanier fishing report: Fish biting all day
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Lake temperatures are in the upper 70s and the lake water is clear or slightly stained on main lake and clear-to-stained in the creeks and rivers.

Lake Lanier is still a healthy level for early summer at 1,069.2, down less than two feet from it's normal level of 1,071. Check generation schedules before heading out to the river by calling 770-945-1466.

Bass fishing remains very productive and the fish are working several different patterns, so lots of methods are working.

We caught bass on just about every lure this past week with top water plugs, swim baits, crank baits and worms all working at different times and areas.

My best fish have hit large top water plugs like SPRO Dawgs and Super Spooks during the mornings, and later afternoons, but some days we have caught them all day long, even in the hot sun.

I have been running and gunning my Nitro and hitting a bunch of areas during the day.

Make long casts over points and humps that have brush or rock at around 10 to 30 feet deep. Some of the strikes are ferocious and a fish, or school of fish, may attack your plug several times before finally getting the hooks.

Just remember to keep your top water lure coming at the same speed of cadence and wait for the lure to load up.

We also caught some very nice spotted and largemouth bass by working deep diving crank baits on main lake and also back in the creeks. The same pattern is working for these deep diving plugs.

Try and make contact with rocks and brush in 10 to 20 feet deep. I use a SPRO Deep Diving Little John and this lure can hit the 20-foot zone on 10-pound Sunline Fluorocarbon, but getting a plug that deep takes practice.

Other lures, like a DD22 or a Bass Pro Shops deep diving plug, will also work well. Slowly crank these lures over bottom cover and if the lure gets hung, let it float back up of use a plug knocker to break it free.

A $10 plug knocker will easily pay for itself by saving even one crank bait.

We also had some pretty good success catching numbers of fish in the brush piles. Work a finesse worm on a jig head, drop shot or Carolina rig and you should get plenty of bites if you locate the right brush piles.

The docks are also holding fish and the same worms will work, but also try skipping a Super Shad or Fluke up under these same docks to catch the suspended bass.

After dark the bass are eating deep diving crank baits, dark colored spinner baits and black jig and pigs worked around any main lake rocky areas.

Striper fishing has been good too, and the fish are striking top water plugs in the mornings then are getting on a good down line bite later as the sun gets up.

Start your mornings casting Redfins or other top water plugs in the creek mouths or main lake humps and points.

Pull a flat or down line behind the boat if the fish are present or run and gun several areas until you find them.
As the sun gets higher, pay close attention to your electronics to find the fish from 20 to 50 feet deep.

Side imaging will help you to cover a wide area and see fish that you may miss in conventional 2D mode. Continue to use the liveliest bait possible and make sure your bait tank water is prepared with ice and salt or bait chemicals.

Live herring are working best but you will want to drop your baits quickly to get them down to the cooler deeper water to keep them lively.

Switch baits frequently because the stripers prefer the livelier bait. Make sure to use a fluorocarbon leader on your down lines to improve your odds.

There have been a few reports of anglers catching fish in the creek mouths under Hydro Glow lights after dark.

Crappie fishing is a little slower from the banks, but they are starting to set up on the bridges. I did catch some on smaller crank baits this week on deep banks back in the creeks.

Crappie jigs and Micro Spoons worked around 15 feet deep around brush and docks has been working OK.

Get your lights out and ready because they are showing up on the bridge pilings after dark. Down line live crappie minnows or native spot tails for your best success.

Trout fishing is very good both in the mountain creeks and below Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River. I had one angler say they caught over 70 trout early one morning on the river last week.

The secret is to get out during the week, or before the float traffic gets going on the weekends. The best bite has been between sun-up and 11:00 am. The fish are biting well all day long in the mountain creeks.

Kid and adults enjoy bank fishing during the weekends and weekdays. Cast a minnow or a worm below a bobber around docks, coves, flooded trees or rocky areas for a variety of species. Your best action for bass will be early and late, but brim will bite well all day long.

Eric Aldrich is an outdoor writer, marketing specialist and bass angler. Reports are based on personal experience and permission from a close network of friends. I would love to hear from our readers so please email me at or visit my website at Remember to take a kid fishing!


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