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Lake Lanier Fishing Report: Bass biting well on many types of lures
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Lake Lanier’s water level is 1,070.10 or .90 feet above the normal full pool at 1,071. The main lake is slightly stained down the lake and stained further north. The surface is thick with pollen in the pockets.

The creeks and rivers are slightly stained in the mouths and stained in the backs. Lake surface temperatures are in the low 60’s. The creeks are in the low to mid 60’s. The Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam is clear. Check generation schedules before heading out to the river at 770-945-1466.

Bass fishing has been good. They are feeding heavily for the spawning season.

Not much has changed from last week, except that the fish have become easier to entice with your lures or live bait. It pays to fish the warmest water you can find.

We caught bass on just about every types of lures in the tackle box.

The dock fishing pattern has been very good.

We are starting to see some very large schools of spotted bass moving into the docks in shallow pockets. These fish will get under the dock floats and suspend.

The most effective lures for catching these fish have been a jerk bait on sunny days, spinner baits on cloudy days and shallow running crank baits throughout the day.

The pattern has been to pick a lure that runs just even with the bottom of the dock floats. Cast your lures and retrieve them at a medium speed next to the side or in front of docks. Impart an occasional stop and go or a jerk-and-stop retrieve.

If bass seem to be finicky, then try throwing shaky heads and jigs around any clay banks that lead into the shallow coves. Skip these same lures around docks.

If the fish seem to be more active, try cranking a Scrounger with a Big Bites Cane Thumper.

We have continued to have some awesome fishing by going out at sundown and fishing until midnight. A SPRO McStick, Rattle Trap or a RkCrawler are all great choice for catching these nocturnal bass.

The stripers fishing has been strong.

Use your electronics and find the large bait school and spaghetti lines that indicate stripers below the boat
The exciting news is that we have seen some topwater activity this past week. When the stripers are near the surface, you can coax a bite with a wake bait like a Redfin.

They will also hit walking lures, like a bone colored Spook or Vixen.

One lure that I have had great success with schooling fish is a SPRO McStick 115 or other types of lures that looks like a blueback herring.

The stripers are also being caught on the same patterns as in past weeks.

Flat lines, planner board, down lines and trolling umbrella rigs will all work well right now when you find the fish. Always keep a casting lure handy in case the stripers appear on the surface.

The night bite is still happening, but it has been a little more hit and miss than in past weeks. Cast Bomber Long A’s, McSticks or swimbaits for these nocturnal feeders.

Crappie fishing remains very good. Shooting docks or fishing minnows below a float are both productive methods right now.

Trout Fishing: As mentioned last week, the DNR is stocking trout in the rivers and streams.

These newly released fish are suckers for just about any small lure or bait.

Just make sure that the waters you are fishing allow live bait. Many places are artificial-lures only.

Bank fishing: Now is a great time to take the family to the lake to do some shore-line crappie fishing.

Target areas toward the backs of the coves that have sunken brush or laydowns. Bridges that run over the creeks are also great places to try. Use live minnows under a float and you may catch other species too.

Eric Aldrich is an outdoor writer, marketing specialist and bass angler. Reports are based on personal experience and permission from a close network of friends. He would love to hear from readers, so please email him at or visit his website at or Remember to take a kid fishing.

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