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Local lifters strong in Loganville
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LOGANVILLE Iron Beast Gym co-owner Marcel of Allen of Gainesville assembled an all-star push/pull (benchpress and deadlift) team of powerlifters, bench press specialists, a strongman competitor and a novice lifter under the title of “Team 1%”  to take the team championship against 11 other squads containing other elite lifters at the Body By George Southern Powerlifting Federation Championships held at the Covenant Christian Academy Gym over the weekend in Loganville.

One Percent lifters also took home two Best Lifter awards in the women’s deadlift and master’s push/pull categories.

Allen also took a title in the men’s 198-pound open raw category. Rookie Angie Centeno of Gainesville in her first meet ever proved to be one of the best female lifters of the day with her award-winning and national-record-breaking deadlift of 335 at a bodyweight of only around 133 pounds.

The team included veterans of the Georgia IronDawgs. 

Allen won the men’s open raw 198-pound class with a Georgia record benchpress of 420 pounds and national marks in the deadlift (600) and total (1,020).

In addition to the deadlift mark, the 36-year-old Centeno also set the national record for the benchpress in the push/pull women’s sub-master’s 148-pound weight class with a press of 130 pounds and a total of 465, blowing away the old marks.

The team’s other Best Lifter trophy was garnered by 60-year-old R. Garry Glenn of Oakwood, who went 7-for-7 in lifts on the day, establishing SPF national push/pull records in bench (325 on a 4th lift), deadlift (375) and total (700 pounds). Glenn, for years a bench-only competitor, was competing in his second push/pull meet of the year.

Glenn, who weighed in at 208 that morning, took the title in the raw master’s men’s 220-pound 60-64 year-old division.

Moon and Head are all-time world record holders in the benchpress in their respective classes, having done more than 810 and around 501 in their equipped divisions. Both did their first push/pull meet ever Saturday.

Head, who competed raw or unequipped Saturday, set national records for push/pull benchpress (370) and total (735) in winning the men’s Open 148-pound class at a bodyweight around 140 pounds. The win included a 365-pound deadlift.

The 285-pound Moon, who wound up having the heaviest bench of the day when he pressed 730 on his opening lift in the equipped MM 50-54-year-old 308-pound class, took the bench-only win in the class as well as the push/pull trophy when he deadlifted 500 raw to set records across the board. Moon came close on his second bench attempt at 785.

Winder’s Steve Shepherd, who joined the team to win the raw MM 45-49 275-pound trophy in push/pull with a bench of 365 and a deadlift of 575, breaking his own state record in that lift, to total 940 pounds. Shepherd’s sometime training partner, strongman/powerlifter Cody Thornton of Winder, totaled 930 pounds after benching 390 and deadlifting 540 to win the raw men’s open 242lb.class in push/pull.

Lifting unattached, two Flowery Branch residents also took titles at the meet. IronDawg Zack Layfield weighed in at around 168 and battled through shoulder pain to win a Best Lifter trophy and the master’s men’s 70-74, 181-pound raw bench-only division with a press of 180.

Flowery Branch resident Jerry Crow equaled his bench record of 220 and set a new SPF national mark in deadlift (405) and total (625) in winning the MM 165-pound 60-64-year-old division.

Allen, Moon and Glenn are graduates of Jefferson High. Head is a Lumpkin County alum.

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