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Murphy: T.I. makes Sims a YouTube sensation
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The Blitz: Your source for high school football

T.I. said to google Blake Sims, so of course, I did.

The same rapper that produces lyrics that would make a sailor blush said that Sims, Gainesville High’s quarterback, is the next great football prospect to come out of the state of Georgia.

Who am I to argue with that?

“He’s the next Michael Vick, google him,” said the grammy-award winning rapper, Clifford “T.I.” Harris in a YouTube video filmed from his tour bus.

Wow. Anyone that has seen Sims play football for the Red Elephants knows that he is one of the best around. For the record, I put him in the group of the five best high school football players I’ve seen in person.

But a budding YouTube sensation? To be honest, the video of one of the most famous rappers going on the record endorsing a local high school football star seemed so random at first, I didn’t know if it was real. This gem literally fell into my lap when it was emailed to me Saturday.

For those that need me to be caught up to speed, YouTube is a Web site where regular folks can post videos for everyone to see.

I am most partial to the videos of people slipping, falling and making a fool out of themselves.

The YouTube venue is also popular for sports videos and highlights. Any well-regarded athlete, like Sims, is bound to have countless videos up for those that weren’t at the game in person, or want to see it again, like they were right there in the crowd.

So, upon Mr. T.I.’s request, I googled Sims. It was definitely him. Gainesville High’s star athlete was juking defenders in some clips, diving into the endzone in others or making a great pass. I even caught a glimpse of videos with Sims dunking the ball for the Red Elephants basketball squad.

Yep, one of the best ways for an athlete’s accomplishments to be chronicled in today’s society is on the Web. Of course, I didn’t need T.I. to tell me Sims is a great football player to know that it is true.

However, like most things on the Web, it is not for all audiences. I can see it now: Sims’ future coach Nick Saban, at the University of Alabama, trying to work his way through an Internet video with a world-famous rapper chattering about how Sims is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I still don’t understand how a rapper like T.I., who tours the globe when not incarcerated on gun charges, even has time to even know who Sims is. I feel certain that Sims didn’t have any hand in producing these videos.

Therefore, Sims doesn’t bare the brunt of responsibility of character association with anyone who cares to endorse his playing abilities.

And YouTube sports videos aren’t filtered down to just those who are actually talented athletes, like Sims. You’ll find videos of pee wee football players that make Heisman-like cuts on the field, proud parents showing off video of little Junior’s first home run, or endless sports bloopers when someone had a camera at just the right moment.

Nowadays, practically everyone can be a star thanks to YouTube.

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