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Georgia IronDawgs win again
Pictured are Georgia IronDawgs, back row, from left: Cleve Tatum, Matt Rawlins, Mike Kidd and Dwon Johnson. Kneeling, from left: Tim Moon and C.J. Allen

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Another powerlifting meet, another win for the Georgia IronDawgs, a powerlifting team headquartered in northeast Georgia. This time the IronDawgs went out of state for the victory, taking the title in the Southern Powerlifting Federation Tennessee State Meet on Saturday.

“I’m proud of all the guys that show up and do the best they can,” team captain and head trainer Mike Kidd said.

It was also another World Record for Gaineville’s Tim “T” Moon. Moon finished with a lift of 650 pounds on the bench press to take the Bench Only Title in the 275-pound Master’s Men’s 45-49, single-ply equipped class. Moon opened with 610, and missed his third lift, an attempt at 665.

“I pushed it about half way and dipped it...,” Moon said, knowing that he wouldn’t get credit for the lift after that infraction. Despite the missed lift, he was happy with his effort and another World Record.

“It was a good day,” Moon said. “I did 650 as easy as I did 610.”

Moon who has been lifting competitively for less than two years has come a long way, competing in 11 meets last year alone, and two already this year.

All five lifters on the team for this meet came away with first places.

Commerce’s Cleve Tatum tied the Raw World record in the Men’s Open Raw Superheavyweight Bench Only Class with his press of 550 pounds.

Gainesville’s Dwon Johnson won in the Men’s Open SHW Raw Class with a total of 1555 pounds: 620-pound squat; 355-pound bench; 600-pound dead lift.

Other Full Power winners included Jefferson’s Matt Rawlins in the 242-pound Men’s Open Class, and Gainesville’s C.J. Allen in the 220-pound Men’s Jr. Raw Class.

Rawling finished with a total 1180 pounds: 500-pound squat; 255-pound bench; 455-pound dead lift.

Allen had a total of 1210 pounds: 455-pound squat; 255-pound bench; 500-pound dead lift.

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